Custom Cosmetic & K-Beauty Wipes

Taiki Makeup Wipes

Custom Cosmetic Wipe Designs and Formulas for Any Brand.

Taiki Cosmetic Wipes

Multi-Purpose Cosmetic Wipes

Taiki cosmetic wipes are perfect for makeup removal, facial cleansing, brightening and anti-aging.

They can be custom made to include a variety of materials (including compostable and biodegradable non-woven), formulas, sheet counts. We have unique packaging styles to protect your product and ensure longer shelf life. Taiki also offers a variety of multi-function wipes with skincare benefits and innovative formulas.

K-Beauty Wipes and Pads

K-Beauty Wipes

The innovative formulas are each infused with key signature actives to remove makeup effectively and cleanse without stripping the skin of moisture.

TaikiUSA offers k-beauty wipes with a non-woven substrate, also available in texture material for extra cleaning and exfoliating. 

  • Vitamin-infused makeup remover wipes
  • Oil-in makeup remover wipes
  • Blemish Wipes
Patented Beauty Wipes Cap

Patented Beauty Wipes Cap

The Taiki cosmetic wipes D-Cap maintains freshness and moisture with a single-piece molded fitment and foil laminated seal system. This system provides a strong barrier to help retain fragrance and preserve formula.

  • Perfect for formulas containing high surfactant levels
  • Protects your product and ensures longer shelf life
  • Ideal for packages up to 100 sheets
  • Available with Taiki beauty wipes in a variety of formulations for makeup removal, facial cleansing, brightening, anti-aging and more.
A Guide to Makeup Wipes

A Guide to Makeup Wipes

View the infographic to see the recommended steps to creating a beauty or skincare wipes for your private label

  1. Select Your Solution. Would you prefer a turn-key or custom wipes solution?
  2. Customize Your Wipe. Choose the materials, textures and shapes that meet your needs.
  3. Choose Your Formula & Benefits. Add signature ingredients or choose a ready-to-use formula.
  4. Pick Your Packaging. Based on intended use, choose pack size and closure types.

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