Taiki USA History

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Taiki Through The Years

For decades, Taiki has created beauty and skincare solutions that improve the application process.


Started as family-owned sea sponge business.


Taiki introduced the first synthetic rubber sponge—allergy-free and safe to use—improving the makeup application process for the industry.

As Taiki continued its search for more effective and safe products, the cosmetic sponge evolved into applicators, which led to makeup brushes and many other application solutions.


Taiki began producing wet tissues in flow packs with resealable flap. To support growth of cosmetic brands in the United States, Eluci International (TaikiUSA) was established in 1987.


Developed skincare category, started to produce wet wipes and sheets masks. Taiki Group is one of the first sheet masks supplier with more than 150 million sachets produced per year.


To better support its customers, Taiki Group created the Taiki Cosmetics Europe sales office based in Paris, dedicated to European beauty brands.


Taiki developed Tafre Fiber in 2010 – a patented, superior brush fiber alternative to animal-based and synthetic brushes.

In 2017, Taiki Group inaugurated a new Research & Innovation center in Osaka, to continue the innovation story of the company.


Taiki Group is proud to be celebrating 90 years as an industry leader in beauty tools and products.

Taiki History 2021 New Building


Taiki USA moves to a new state-of-the-art location that includes an eco-friendly work environment.

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