Four Questions to Ask When Developing a Makeup Sponge

Assorted multi-colored 3d sponges

TaikiUSA creates custom-designed beauty sponges that are science-backed innovative solutions that solve application challenges. We take the time to understand the importance of application – how products should be delivered to the skin and work with brands to create unique, high performing sponges.

Four questions to ask when developing a makeup sponge for your product. 

1. What type of makeup product?

Is your product liquid, cream, or powder? Each product type will need a specific size pore or sponge finish to create a consistent streak free application. Our sponge infographic breaks down which sponges pair best with different makeup products. 

2. Are you looking for an eco-friendly sponge?

Consumer demand for eco-friendly and sustainable beauty products is at an all-time high. Taiki remains committed to offering innovative and science backed solutions in this category, offering a wide range of eco-friendly solutions:

  • 100% biodegradable PU sponge
  • Bio-based Techno-porous sponge; contains 65-70% plant-based material
  • Plant-based PU sponge; made from 40% plant powder
  • Konjac sponge; 100% biodegradable
  • Celfine Sponge; exclusively produced by Taiki, uses 28% less petroleum-based ingredients than regular cosmetic sponges

3. Where is it applied?

Understanding where the product is going to be applied is just as important. For instance, an under-eye concealer product will need a smaller or pointed shape to fit in small corners whereas foundation may need an egg or flat circular shape for optimal application.

4. What is your project budget?

Budget will ultimately decide on your sponge materials. Taiki offers a broad range of materials in many different price ranges.

Improve your customers’ application experience and return rate by providing the best sponge for your product. We have a team of experts that offer full-service support from concept and development to logistics and manufacturing.

Let us help you create your next successful project!