Oil-In Makeup Removal Wipes Hydrate Skin with Ease

Convenience and portability have become the top features of a makeup removal wipe. It’s not just beauty gurus who understand the appeal of wipes, but casual makeup users as well. Customers can keep a pack in their bathroom or at their vanity and remove makeup at the end of the day, or throw them into their purse, gym bag or carry-on and take them wherever they go.

Beauty wipes continue to grow in popularity as consumers seek to cleanse, refresh and moisturize their faces without stripping away essential oils and dehydrating the skin. They want a combination of performance, convenience and ease. As on-the-go lifestyles increase, especially with Millennials and Generation Z, those benefits that will contribute to growth of this category.

Oil-In Makeup Remover Wipes

Pre-moistened, makeup removal wipes infused with oils – including a fruit complex, and sake enzymes – won’t clog pores but will quickly lift makeup and impurities away while leaving the skin nourished and moisturized. These replenishing and refreshing wipes, combined with a Taiki formula, encourage a healthier complexion.

Jojoba seed oil helps to improve the skin’s flexibility and elasticity, stimulating collagen production and helping skin better defend against UV light damage. Macadamia seed oil and camellia seed oil both help lessen the signs of aging by moistening the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Camellia seed oil and evening primrose oil are both rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which are known to help reduce the appearance of acne and dry skin.

Packaging Beauty Wipes to Extend Formula Shelf Life

For better formula preservation, Taiki has engineered a patented beauty wipes cap, the D-Cap. Together with a foil laminated seal, this single piece of molded fitment provides a strong barrier, protecting the product from evaporation which helps retain the integrity of the product for longer. This keeps customers just as satisfied with wipe number one hundred as they were with wipe number one.

Covering the Entire Makeup Process, from Start to Finish

For those seeking to remove makeup, cleanse the skin, apply a brightening or anti-aging treatment or all of the above, makeup removal wipes lift away makeup while hydrating skin, making it the perfect addition to any beauty routine.

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