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From concept and design to production and delivery, we can help you bring your best beauty product ideas to life. TaikiUSA is the leading beauty contract manufacturer for future-thinking brands.

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Bringing Concept to Reality

We partner with growing and established brands to manufacture custom beauty products at our certified facilities around the globe.

Through an end-to-end consultative experience, we can help you create exciting solutions to meet your customers’ application and performance needs, including waterless beauty solutions, brushes and other beauty tools, masks and patches, and wipes.

Custom Beauty Solution Capabilities

Waterless Beauty

Waterless Beauty

Offer sustainable, efficacious beauty solutions to your customers with instantly dissolving, waterless products.

Waterless Beauty

Beauty Tools Slider

Beauty Tools

Meet product expectations, ensure customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty to create a high performing application tool for your consumer.

Beauty Tools

Masks & Patches

Build your brand in the growing market for masks and patches – scientifically proven to minimize evaporation and increase formula delivery into the skin for your customers.

Masks & Patches

K beauty Wipes


Launch a successful line of beauty or skincare wipes or exfoliating mitts with our extensive line of formulas, materials and packaging options.


Refillable Dispensing Packages

Dispensing Packages

Create custom-crafted, refillable delivery solutions for a broad range of skincare and cosmetic products that are easy-to-use and offer metered dosing.

Dispensing Packages

The Foundation of Flawless Application

TaikiUSA’s specialty as a beauty contract manufacturer is bringing to life custom skincare products and beauty tools that help you help your customers feel flawless.


From material science to microbiology, our Product and Research & Development teams are driven by science-backed beauty and quality assurance.


We’re always looking for improvements that will make our products and company more eco-friendly.


We’re dedicated to creating loyal customers for our partner brands with quality, cutting-edge and scalable beauty solutions.

TaikiUSA Resources

Explore insights on the latest beauty trends, sustainability, contract manufacturing tips, and more.

What Do You Want To Create?

With the leading beauty contract manufacturer on your side, you don’t just get product. You get quality and unique product that keeps up with demand – and a partner with global reach and local support. Ready to bring your next great idea to life?