Custom Beauty Puffs

Taiki Puffs

Makeup Puffs & Cushion Puffs for a Wide Variety of Applications

Makeup Puffs and Cushion Puffs

Taiki offers a wide variety of sewn and flocked puffs for makeup and fragrance application and cushion compacts.

  • Hand-sewn for quality and durability
  • Puffs designed specifically for cushion compacts
  • Used to apply loose and pressed powders
  • Various styles, fabrics, backings and colors available
  • Designed to apply loose and pressed powders
  • Various price ranges
  • Antimicrobial options

Cellbian Puffs

Taiki offers many Cellbian puff options for various budget and timing needs. We offer customizable ribbons and decorations to match your brand, and antimicrobial treatment option is available for increased cleanliness and safety.

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