Waterless Beauty

We help beauty brands formulate products with our innovative waterless solutions that not only meets sustainability goals but also provides better performance for your customers. Take a deep dive into waterless beauty by scheduling a presentation with our team.


Why Waterless?

Bōshi Nanofiber Skincare Technology

Bōshi nanofiber skincare technology is transforming the way beauty brands can formulate products without using water as a main source. Bōshi fibers are made from a patented ball electrospinning process, creating high-performing, quick-dissolving products.

Water-Activated Powder Solutions

Powder beauty products are a concentrated, efficacious and safe alternative to traditional liquid products. Offer an easy-to-use and customizable experience to your customers, where they are in control of mixing the powder with the preferred amount of water.

Skincare is Going Waterless. Be One of the First.

Our waterless beauty solutions are creating new opportunities for beauty and skincare. Partner with us to experience all the benefits of these exciting sustainable solutions.