Custom Manufacturing for Growing Beauty Brands

Whether you’re scaling to meet demand or seeking better formulations, TaikiUSA has the scientific, manufacturing and strategic expertise to help your growing beauty brand excite new customers and make your mark.

Set Trends & Grow Your Following

Seeking to formulate with new ingredients or put a brand new twist on an existing product? TaikiUSA has the capabilities to help you deliver.

  • Wide range of beauty solutions, including masks, patches and wipes
  • 30+ years of experience answering beauty and skincare challenges
  • Full-service consultative support

See the Beauty In the Science

TaikiUSA helps growing brands incorporate the latest technologies and scientific advancements into their skincare and beauty solutions.

  • 150+ patents
  • Proven, chemical science-backed formulations
  • Environmentally-friendly options

Scale Your Beauty Brand

Ready to grow?

With TaikiUSA on your side, you don’t just get product. You get quality and unique product that keeps up with demand and a partner with global reach.


What Our Customers Say

We went with Taiki because the offering and the price were attractive. We are going to stay with Taiki because of the incredible working relationship we’ve had with them. They’re great.

Growing Beauty Brands

Woosh Beauty

How We Partner With Growing Brands

We partner with growing beauty brands to develop and produce trend-setting skincare solutions and beauty tools. Our custom manufacturing capabilities can bring your beauty concept to life.

  • R&D/Innovation

Our team of scientists and chemists will help you vet: 

  • Active ingredients
  • Supporting ingredients
  • Materials & formats
  • Design

We precisely outline your product before we bring it to life, highlighting:

  • Formula & materials
  • Minimum order quantities (MOQs)
  • Packaging requirements
  • Product testing
  • Development

This is where we iron out all the little details and provide:

  • Product prototypes
  • Product samples
  • Manufacturing

Our custom manufacturing process meets high standards because it:

  • Is completed at one of our GMP-compliant facilities
  • Utilizes our quality management process
  • Utilizes our various manufacturing certifications
  • Logistics

We handle your logistics needs, including:

  • Product batching
  • Shipping management 
  • Material demands
  • Delivery

The delivery of your product is crucial, which is why we help you with:

  • Meeting packaging requirements
  • Handling international shipping processes 
  • Using temperature-controlled containers

This Is Only The Beginning

Don’t follow trends – set them. Bring your next innovative idea to life by partnering with TaikiUSA.