What Kind of Beauty Brand Are You?
4 Defining Characteristics

Groundbreaking. Sustainable. Luxurious. Innovative. Your beauty brand can be it all – or you can find a specific lane to really own. Whatever you decide, it’s important to know who you are at the heart, so you can deliver beauty solutions that really speak to your customers.

As a new or growing beauty brand finding your place in the industry, your values and goals define the way you interact with your consumers. Taking the time to establish your brand’s distinct vision will help you position in the market – and then deliver and grow.

Here are some ideas to help you start defining your unique value.

#1 — A Brand That Customizes the Status Quo            

A beauty brand that values customization is a beauty brand that sets out to deliver something truly unique to customers.

You’re not just providing an eyeshadow makeup brush. You’re providing something new: a new way to apply eyeshadow, a new way to hold the brush, a new design to the ferrule or handle that creates more excitement – and so on.

Do you want to be known for your unique flair on a standard beauty product? Then a focus on customized solutions is part of your brand identity (and you need the right supporting partner to make it happen – you can read more about that here.)

#2 — A Brand That Prioritizes Sustainability

Sustainability is the future of the beauty industry. With climate change impacting our planet every day, incorporating sustainability into your brand has never been more important.

In order to bring sustainability to the forefront of your brand, it should play a key role in every aspect of the product development process. This includes:

Eco-conscious consumers place high value on a beauty product when it is truly sustainable. There are plenty of brands that implement sustainability into one aspect of product development, but that doesn’t quite epitomize what sustainability truly is.

If you want to be a brand that leads this revolutionary beauty movement, prioritize sustainability throughout your entire approach — this will drive your business forward and position yourself accurately in the market.

#3 — A Brand That Develops Luxury Beauty Solutions

Next, there’s the luxurious route. While most brands likely strive to provide quality products, luxury takes that to the next level.

What defines luxury? While this is a fairly subjective perception, it typically means three things:

  • High quality product that outperforms alternatives.
  • High quality, beautiful packaging.
  • Higher price point, implying exclusivity, value and quality.

Consumers who buy luxury products are a bit different from the average consumer.

If you choose to develop luxury products, look to your consumers for ideas. Are they drawn to skincare, cosmetics, sustainability, or something else? What kinds of tools do they need to apply your best selling products? This information will push you in the right direction so your new product creations will be as useful as they are luxurious.

#4 —  A Brand That Cares About Growth

Brand growth is a core piece of overall success. Building a successful beauty brand is only the first step — after that, it’s time to focus on growing and meeting and exceeding consumer expectations.

Brand growth isn’t just necessary for your business — it’s also fundamental for maintaining positive consumer relationships. Is your brand taking initiative and creating groundbreaking products and tools? Are you looking towards the future and playing a leadership role in the market? Here are a few ways you can ensure brand growth:

  • Incorporate the latest and greatest technology. Don’t just remain stagnant — growth means going outside of your comfort zone. The beauty industry is constantly changing, and there is always new technology to utilize. For example, nanofiber technology is currently bringing new possibilities to skincare products through waterless formulations. This kind of innovation is what your brand should look for and aim to include in your product line.
  • Go private label. Partnering with a private label manufacturer is an infallible way to grow. The right partner will provide tested formulations, product versatility and a variety of certifications so you have what you need to scale.
  • Establish attainable minimum order quantities (MOQs). With practical MOQs, your budget won’t restrict your ability to grow. Of course, this all depends on your manufacturer, but the right one will negotiate with your brand and prioritize your progress.

Final Thoughts

These four brand attributes can certainly coexist. For example, you can offer sustainable products at a luxurious level. But establishing a clear identity for your brand – whatever the combination may be – will give you a north star towards brand success.

Want to create beauty products and tools that are tailored to your brand’s specific values and goals? Start a project with TaikiUSA today.