Custom Makeup Brushes

Custom cosmetic brushes with innovative fibers, handles and finishes to help you own the application experience for your customers.

TaikiUSA Makeup Brush Capabilities

TaikiUSA works with beauty brands to design and deliver unique makeup brushes. We have a wide range of makeup brush capabilities to help you bring your innovative idea to life, excite your customers and express your brand’s identity.

Assortment of makeup brushes with cruelty free fibers and vegan glue

Animal Free

Join the evolution with safer, healthier and animal -free makeup brushes.

TaikiUSA has designed fibers that mimic animal hair in the way they hold and distribute product but outperform natural hair – all 100% animal and cruelty free.

  • Superior pickup and payoff for powder and liquid
  • Higher consistency, better quality and less breakage 
  • Antimicrobial options for protection and safety
Makeup brushes with white fiber and decorative handles

Decorative Handles

Custom makeup brushes with style and substance.

TaikiUSA has the superior experience, quality and artistic design capabilities to help make your next brush not only high performing but also extraordinary. 

  • Glitter, pearl and crystal filled handles
  • Molded, shaped, resin, lacquered, anodized aluminum or wooden handles
  • Custom textured handles with metallic and glitter spray
Assortment of eco-friendly makeup brushes with wooden handles


Meet your sustainability goals. 

When you create custom makeup brushes with TaikiUSA, we’re also partnering to do our part with healing the planet. Our eco-friendly capabilities are always expanding. 

  • Upcycled coffee ground handles
  • Renewable bamboo handles
  • PCR or mono-materials for easy recycling
  • Vegan fibers and glue
Custom Design Brushes

Custom Designs

Bringing your vision to reality. 

TaikiUSA is more than just a beauty contract manufacturer – we’re a partner that will bring your vision and brand to life. Every makeup brush we create is a custom project, supported by:

  • Concept and development services
  • Advanced material capabilities 
  • Production and delivery services


Add value with double ended makeup brushes & tools

Quality tools that are multifunctional offer the customer versatility allowing experimentation with different techniques without having to invest in multiple tools.

  • Precision and control 
  • Durability and value
  • Cruelty-free fibers and custom finishes


Developing The Right Makeup Brush

Creating the best makeup brush comes to four important pieces: fibers, shape, design and construction. As the leading custom makeup brush manufacturer for over 90 years, we continue to introduce new technologies and capabilities to help your brand create the best makeup application experience for your customers. 

Superior fibers mean superior application.

As the conduit for your product, brush fibers control how your product is picked up and applied, blended or smoothed onto the skin. Brush-making starts by matching your product to the right fiber. 

Makeup brush head shape design can set apart your application experience.

It’s important to select the right shape to pick up product using the tip of the brush (not the sides) for more precise application. We help you select from a wide range of head shapes for blending, contouring, powder, liquid and more.

Create a piece of art, not just any standard brush.

Unique handles and decorative designs add the finishing touches to create a tool that your customers will love.

Bring everything together in a makeup brush that’s comfortable and works well in the consumer’s hand.

We take the time to determine the best materials and engineer a brush that enhances your makeup products. 


A Makeup Brush Can Make All The Difference

A Makeup Brush Can Make All The Difference: Find Out How

Transform the makeup application experience and create loyal customers with a high-quality brush that makes your product shine. Start with the best fiber, then create the right shape for application. Through design and material selection, build a brush your customers will love and deliver an experience that will delight.


Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Makeup Brushes

Custom makeup brushes have a minimum order quantity of 5,000 units for one design, or 1,000 units for five designs.

From the receipt of the purchase order and final artwork confirmation, custom makeup brushes take about 8-10 weeks.

Yes! You can create custom handles, with options for both wooden and molded handles.

There are many deco options for custom makeup brushes, including custom etches, a wrap label, silk screen, and hot stamping or pad printing.

Brush fiber controls how your makeup product is picked up and applied, blended or smoothed onto your customers’ skin. Your fiber options include cruelty- and animal-free fiber, recyclable corn-based fiber, and natural hair fibers.

With your custom makeup brushes, there are options for cello sleeves and head covers or protectors. You can also request pouches and bags.

Yes, you can get your custom makeup brushes sterilized. We can EtO treat, as well as provide anti-microbial treatment where possible.

What Kind of Makeup Brush Do You Want to Create?

TaikiUSA provides end-to-end custom manufacturing support to growing and established beauty brands that are ready to bring their great ideas to life.