Cosmetic Wipes are the Portable Beauty Hack Your Customers Need

When it comes to beauty, wellness and skincare on-the-go, more and more consumers are turning to cosmetic wipes for their convenience and portability. Brands everywhere are coming out with travel-friendly products to accommodate all sorts of trips, whether they be to the gym before work or on an airplane flying across the globe. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Makeup removal wipes allow users to lift away makeup and cleanse their face without hassle or water.
  • Cosmetics wipes offer fast skincare treatment options that quickly deliver beneficial ingredients and help the user transition from one activity to another (such as from the gym to work or between meetings).
  • Body refresher wipes and hair sheets are convenient accessories that can fit inside a purse, gym bag or carryon.
  • Carrying beauty wipes instead of bottles of soaps or cleansers is better for packing light or when passing through TSA security checkpoints.

The Rise of Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) Skincare Products

Koreans have been serious about skincare for decades and leverage innovative product materials and ingredients along with an involved routine to achieve a glowing, moisturized and healthy complexion.

While American consumers are relatively new to K-beauty and its extensive line of skincare products, it’s a trend that’s only growing – and it’s far from over. K-beauty wipes and pads have cleansing and exfoliating formulas that are infused with key signature actives to target skin concerns and cleanse without stripping the skin of moisture.

Innovative Skincare Ingredients and Materials for Today’s American Beauty Consumer

An identifiable aspect of K-beauty products is innovation. Before, American consumers were not used to having so many treatment products available for different areas of the body and with different ingredients. Now, they expect it. If your brand offers (or is considering launching) beauty wipe products, they must offer tangible and desirable benefits with innovative materials and ingredients that help them stand out on the shelves.

For example, customers want products that are made with sustainable and biodegradable materials, so touting the use of natural materials in a wipe – like cotton – can draw attention, but cotton isn’t the softest natural material available. Alternatively, material blends that are still natural but feel better on the skin than cotton alone and can deliver a better experience for the customer after they take the product home.

The materials can make a difference in performance as well. While gentle pads and non-woven wipes have been the longtime standard, textured wipes that help lift makeup and gently exfoliate are a welcome and growing addition to the market.

Similarly, different formula ingredients will yield different results. Active seed and fruit oil ingredients in oil-in makeup remover wipes help moisturize and nourish skin, while vitamin-infused makeup removal wipes provide an oil-free alternative using fruit extracts and a multi-fruit complex that cleanses and hydrates.

What You Need Before a Beauty Wipe Product Launch

If you’re considering launching a wipe, sheet mask or other travel-friendly skincare product, you’ll need a manufacturing partner that can provide extensive product and market knowledge, but also fill in any missing pieces of your product puzzle.

Do you need sheet materials to go with your current formula?

Do you know what ingredients need to be included but don’t have a formula created yet?

Or do you need a turn-key solution from a line of formulas and materials?

The right partner will be able to meet any of your needs today AND down the road so you can deliver products that customers will want to take with them everywhere they go.

Contact Taiki if you are interested in creating a beauty wipe line or to learn more about K-beauty wipes.