Sustainable & Natural Masks & Patches

Consumers are aware of the environmental impact of their beauty routines, and the industry must evolve to meet their demands for eco-friendly alternatives. At TaikiUSA, we are expanding our sheet mask offerings as part of our efforts to deliver more sustainable beauty solutions and help brands meet their own eco-conscious initiatives and goals.


Our multi-pack patches and masks use less packaging than single sachets, reducing resources used during the manufacturing process and decreasing secondary waste.


Our clean Non-woven Masks are biodegradable and derived from eucalyptus plant origins. These sheet masks meet Sephora’s clean beauty standards and utilize ingredients that are animal-free and 98% naturally sourced. Available in anti-aging, brightening and moisturizing formulas that are free of added fragrance.

The Hydra Burst gel mask is made of a transforming material that dissolves on the face, delivering more nutrients to the skin. Moisturizing and brightening formula options available.

Our clean Hydrogel Masks are formulated to meet Sephora clean beauty standards and utilize more than 90% of naturally sources ingredients. Anti-aging/lifting, anti-blemish and moistening formula options available, without added fragrance.


Simple, Clean Formulas developed with:

  • Low EWG-rated Ingredients​
  • Naturally-derived Ingredients​
  • Globally Compliant Dyes & Colorants​
  • Meets Sephora Clean List
  • 98% Natural, Clean, Non-Woven Sheet Mask formulations ​Anti-aging, Brightening, Moisturizing​
  • 90% Natural Hydrogel Mask Formulations​ Anti-aging, Brightening, Moisturizing

Scale Your Skincare Brand


Ready to grow? With TaikiUSA on your side, you don’t just get product. You get quality product that keeps up with demand and a partner with global reach.