Siti Khalid Named CEO & President Of TaikiUSA

We are pleased to announce that Siti Khalid has been named CEO/President effective January 1st 2024.

Siti has been an integral part of Taiki since 2006. She has worked as an Account Manager and Executive Director of Product Development, learning all aspects of the business and playing a vital role in the end-to-end management of Taiki. Over the past year, Siti has been part of the Executive Committee at TaikiUSA and is responsible for day-to-day decisions and operations.  She has a proven track record of leading the organization, positively impacting and inspiring others.

“I am honored and excited to lead TaikiUSA on our journey of helping brands succeed. We are now an all-women organization, and we are all very passionate about the beauty industry. We have first-hand knowledge of what consumers want and use this to create strategies to build our business,” says Khalid.

As CEO/President, Siti will oversee all facets of the organization. She will use her deep knowledge of the organization and the beauty industry to grow product innovation, explore new sustainable practices, and ensure TaikiUSA remains a leader in the personal care market.

According to Angela Kazimir, Executive Director of Sales, “Siti deeply understands Taiki’s sales, products, supply chain, and development that will add value to the organization’s growth. She is a highly respected member of the beauty industry and a credible voice in working with customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.”

Apart from her extensive experience with Taiki, Siti is also a graduate of Fordham Business School with an MBA in Finance and Management. These combined accomplishments give Siti a strong platform as a leader.

TaikiUSA works with brands to make visions and concepts a reality. With a strong focus on science, application, and sustainability, we create innovative, safe, and effective products. We offer a global structure and local full-service support to bring ideas to life and fulfill our customers’ dreams.