Custom Masks & Patches for Advanced Skincare

Taiki USA Advanced Skincare

TaikiUSA develops products that support consumer demands for advanced, healthy skincare—addressing issues that are aligned with trends and a strong focus on future skincare challenges. Our sheet masks are scientifically proven to help improve the skin, using healthy ingredients that yield effective results.



Consumers are looking to create a healthy lifestyle from the inside out, creating a better balance in their mind and body. Using products that have safe ingredients and eliminating harmful ingredients, helps create a healthier complexion. 

Postbiotic Sheet Masks

Promote a healthy microbiome by delivering postbiotic extracts to the skin with our Postbiotic Sheet Masks

Multivitamin Gel Coated Sheet Mask

Replenish essential vitamins and deliver a hydration surge for a radiant complexion with the  Multivitamin Gel Coated Mask

Transdermal Wellness Patches

Indulge your mind and body with these nutrient-rich Transdermal Wellness Patches designed to uplift mood or calm the senses.

Protect & Fortify

Pollutants have been known for years to cause damage to the skin- causing inflammation, aging and wrinkles. Using healthy ingredients to fight aging, helps to protect the skin barrier and brighten. A powerful cocktail of peptides to hydrate, brighten and smooth the skin with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties.

PGA – Power Moisturizer Jelly Mask

Stimulates the skin’s natural moisturizing process with the power of natural peptides and extracts.

Peptide Mask

A powerful cocktail of Peptides to hydrate, brighten and smooth the skin with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties.

High Performance


Consumers are looking for products that can penetrate the skin and provide effective results. This collection of formulas offers a high concentration of actives or powerful ingredients that deliver results. 

Renewal Enzyme Sheet Masks

Revitalize the skin with this microbiome-nourishing sheet mask. A transformative experience that addresses multiple skincare concerns, from dullness to signs of aging, leaving your skin visibly refreshed and renewed.

Resurfacing Sheet Mask

Reveal a brighter more youthful complexion with this multi-layer exfoliation sheet mask.

Well Aging

Help your customer embrace their maturing skin. Substitute products that irritate their skin by providing healthy, effective solutions that help nourish and delivery results.

Bakuchiol is a natural retinol alternative that helps normalize individual skin pigmentation and allows the skin to repair itself.

Post Procedure

Professional and at-home procedures are on the rise. Consumers want products that can be used post-procedure to pamper the skin with nourishing ingredients.


Scale Your Skincare Brand


Ready to grow? With TaikiUSA on your side, you don’t just get product. You get quality product that keeps up with demand and a partner with global reach.