Mask & Patch Formats

Different mask and patch formats allow us to offer brands many options to meet consumer needs. We can help you wade through the variety of shapes, sizes, materials and technologies. We stay ahead of industry trends to feature the best possible format options.


Made from bonded fabric with a paper-like texture, non-woven sheet masks are the most common on the global market and offer formula versatility. Taiki non-woven beauty masks include eco-friendly, biodegradable options. 

Traditional Hydrogel

Cool and refreshing on the skin, Taiki Hydrogel facial masks provide higher efficacy, increased adhesion and higher occlusion over traditional sheet masks. Made from a clear gel with a nearly impenetrable barrier level, hydrogel masks reduce evaporation and lock in the moisture.

Next-Generation Hydrogel

The gel material locks in moisture into the skin beyond the standard hydrogel technology. The carrageenan and oil base provides intense hydration, soothes and cools the skin.

Biocellulose Masks


Formulated with a fermented coconut fruit extract called nata de coco, Biocellulose masks provide the same moisturizing and hydration benefits as a non-woven sheet mask while also creating a total barrier that almost completely blocks evaporation.


Aquatic mask technology is the most effective delivery system for the highest absorption rate. Taiki Aquatic masks provide a one-way path for releasing active ingredients directly into the skin. The mask’s serum membrane adheres to the skin, creating a high occlusion effect. Product is then slowly and continuously transported into the skin where moisturizing ingredients can achieve high penetration.

Hydra-Burst Gel

The Hydra-Burst gel mask is a unique material that transforms into a moisture-jelly sheet when the burstable sachet is activated and the formula is added. The final gel mask is super-absorbent and captures the maximum amount of formula and ingredients to deliver nutrients to the skin.
Taiki USA Decorative Masks


You don’t have to compromise efficacy or function to have a stylish mask line. TaikiUSA offers stamped, color, shimmer and printed sheet masks options that STILL include innovative technology and high efficacy.

Scale Your Skincare Brand


Ready to grow? With TaikiUSA on your side, you don’t just get product. You get quality product that keeps up with demand and a partner with global reach.