Making Beauty Better, Not Just Sustainable

The Mindful Consumer
Consumers are becoming more focused on sustainable options – researching and looking for ways to help the environment while improving their own wellness. In a recent study, 79% of consumers indicated they are changing their purchase preferences based on sustainability.¹ Brands have ambitious sustainability goals and are constantly looking to provide their consumer with eco-friendly beauty product alternatives. As consumers and brands alike are looking for ways to help the environment, water is a topic gaining much needed awareness.

In Euromonitor’s 2016 beauty survey, “water-efficient to use or produce” was ranked highly among consumers as one the most important green features for shampoo. For 12.5% of global respondents, water efficiency was one the most desired product features—a higher percentage than even recyclable packaging or sustainably sourced ingredients.²

Water Impacts on the Beauty Industry
The beauty industry tops the list of the worst offenders when it comes to water consumption and waste. Typical formulations contain a high percentage of water (up to 95% depending on the type of formula) compared to the amount of essential ingredients. This requires larger package sizes, creating unnecessary post-consumer waste. Waterless beauty products have a positive impact on supply chain including less energy used in manufacturing, reduced transport costs, and a lower carbon footprint.

Sustainable vs Effectiveness
Consumers have a strong desire to reduce global warming, lower pollution emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. 27% of consumers said they are trying to reuse water or use less of it. However, the issue consumers have with sustainability, is that they don’t view sustainable as effective.³ Waterless skincare products include more actives because they are not diluted with water and the need for preservatives is reduced due to the elimination of water.

Waterless Bōshi Beauty
is a transformational product technology that creates new opportunities for beauty and skincare – simple formulations, less packaging, and new applications for consumers. Waterless Bōshi Fiber is a patented electrospun nanofiber technology that uses common water-soluble polymers like hyaluronic acid to encapsulate key active ingredients – therefore achieving great efficacy.

Simple – Fewer ingredients lead to clean and efficacious products and no need for emulsifiers, fillers, modifiers, and other additives.

Sustainable – Less water leads to less packaging, reduced waste and more sustainable beauty packaging options.

Effective – Waterless products perform with the highest standard of efficacy without using water as a main source. It also lowers the environmental footprint.

Give consumers what they desire: an effective, sustainable product. Contact us for a presentation on Waterless Bōshi Beauty and be a part of the solution.