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Waterless Bōshi Beauty

What is Bōshi Fiber?

Bōshi is a revolutionary beauty delivery system that is transforming the way beauty products are formulated. Bōshi Fibers are made from a patented ball electrospinning process, creating high performing, quick-dissolving waterless products.

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Simple, Sustainable & Effective

Bōshi Fiber is sustainable yet provides better performance. Waterless beauty products perform with the highest standard of efficacy without using water as a main source. Less water can lead to less packaging, reduced waste, and more sustainable packaging options. And fewer ingredients lead to efficacious products–no need for emulsifiers, fillers, modifiers, and other additives.

Bōshi Fiber FAQ

Infographic: Why Go Waterless?

Why is waterless beauty important? How can it help achieve your sustainability goals while also increasing your product’s effectiveness? Learn more using this easy-to-read guide to waterless beauty.

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Download: The Case for Waterless Beauty

Learn how Waterless Bōshi Beauty allows you to removed unnecessary water, preservatives and emulsifiers from products. Bōshi Fiber only delivers the essential ingredients of the formula to achieve high-performing results — providing powerful actives and sustainable options.

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