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Cushion Compacts

Unique Components For a Better-Performing System

T-Engine Sponge

  • Exclusive patent-pending sponge material
  • Unique cellular structure provides easier filling and higher fill capacity
  • Safe to use with SPF formulas with UV filters
  • Higher formula release and easier restitution
  • Soft to the touch and maintains elasticity
  • Uses recyclable polyester material

Effusion Cushion Compact

  • Air-tight container ensures stability of volatile ingredients
  • Refillable design
  • Unique, slimmer profile (77mm X 26mm)

Applicator Puff

  • Hi-Cellbian puff
  • 3 options for various budget & timing needs
  • Customize ribbon (color and deco) to match brand
  • Anti-bacterial treatment option available

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