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May 27, 2016

Effusion Cushion Compact Delivers Superior Application

CUSHION_COMPACT_OPENWPUFFThe newest makeup delivery system has been seen across many brands – the Cushion Compact. This new, popular compact comes with a sponge soaked in light foundation (including SPF) and includes an applicator that allows you to dab the product on your face and build coverage where necessary. In addition to being compact, it is a portable foundation that doesn’t leak or melt.

But not all packages are the same and could result in a messy and unsatisfactory application experience for the consumer.

First, most formulas used within the compact contain SPF, so the engine (sponge) must be stable and reliable material safe to use with SPF formulas and UV filters.

Second, the goal of the package is to be convenient and portable – a foundation that can be used on-the-go. This requires an airtight system.

Third, the applicator used to apply the product must offer a smooth, even application. Having an antimicrobial applicator is an added benefit to keep your product safe.

All components are critical to the success of the entire delivery system. The system must work together to create the ultimate experience. Taiki’s Effusion system is an ideal solution – engineered to outperform other compacts and provide superior application.

Find out the difference with Effusion.

Posted under: Cushion Compacts | By Taiki Beauty

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