Hydrogel Masks

Cool and refreshing on the skin, Taiki Hydrogel Facial Masks provide higher efficacy, increased adhesion and higher occlusion over traditional sheet masks. Made from a clear gel with a nearly-impenetrable barrier level, hydrogel masks reduce evaporation and lock in the moisture and product better than nonwoven sheet masks. The gel also provides an added cooling effect.

Hydrogel Mask Benefits

  • Increased adhesion and occlusion
  • Higher efficacy than traditional masks
  • Perfect for targeted patch treatments
  • Added cooling sensation benefit
  • Clear gel is more appealing than white or opaque sheet masks

Get the 2018 Facial Mask Report

Facial masks continue to be a growing trend in skincare. Download the Taiki 2018 report for an in-depth look at the rise of the facial mask industry, the science behind beauty mask technology, the various types of sheet masks and patches, and the benefits and recommendations for retailers.


Hydrogel face masks

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Hydrogel facial patches