Facial Sheet Masks and American Markets

It’s not uncommon for popular trends to transcend countries, but the success of facial sheet masks is a bit of an anomaly. That’s because skin care has not traditionally been a priority for the American consumer market. Instead, American cosmetic shoppers looked for makeup products that would conceal flaws or enhance features. Most successful products that boasted skin care benefits were all-in-one formulas that allowed users to quickly consume the product, rather than dedicate time to a lengthy regimen.Because of these market preferences, facial sheet masks are the trend that shouldn’t be. What caused this increase in popularity? It was many factors coming together at just the right time.

Sheet Masks Meet the Demands of New, Younger Markets

Millennial shoppers tend to not only have disposable income they’re willing to spend on personal fashion and care, but they are also extremely experimental. They don’t possess the traditional brand loyalty that other consumer demographics do and are therefore much more willing to spend a few dollars on different brands of masks that promote different benefits or effects.

The Rise of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is when users buy and use skin care products based on situational challenges. If a person gets a pimple or a wrinkle, they’ll look for a product that solves that problem explicitly. If they’re stressed, they may look for a product that helps them feel pampered.Sheet masks meet these new consumer needs in the sheer variety of option and formulas. Some masks brighten the skin, soothe irritation and acne, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, etc. This fast-fashion market will continue to purchase and experiment as long as they keep having a pleasant experience.

Continued Growth of Sheet Mask Demand

Facial sheet masks have been on the rise since they arrived in America just a few years ago. Between 2015-2016, the year-on-year Google searches for “sheet mask” and “Korean face mask” increased by 184% and 173%, respectively. By 2024, the revenue in the sheet mask market is expected to reach $336 million. For cosmetic companies looking to play in this growing market, now is the time to act.There’s plenty more to learn about facial sheet masks, their history and benefits the different material types can bring to a formula.To read more, download the 2018 Facial Masks Report.