Cushion Compact System

Featuring the exclusive T-Engine Sponge
For superior formula release and higher restitution


Our expertise in beauty tools and innovation in application has allowed us to develop the unique Effusion Cushion Compact System. Focusing on the functionality of each component and how they work together, we created a system with superior results.

Ideal for Beauty Brands

Stay competitive in the marketplace and with the latest trends by partnering with Taiki for a custom cushion compact.


Ideal for Fillers/Formulators

Partner with Taiki for the knowledge and expertise to provide a complete, effective cushion compact system.


A Comprehensive System

Taiki’s 3 unique components work together to create a better-performing system.

T-Engine Sponge

  • Exclusive patent-pending sponge material
  • Unique cellular structure provides easier filling and higher impregnation (fill) capacity
  • Safe to use with SPF formulas with UV filters; does not interact with SPF ingredients
  • Higher formula release and easier restitution
  • Soft to the touch and maintains elasticity
  • Uses recyclable polyester material

Effusion Cushion Compact

  • Air-tight container ensures stability of volatile ingredients
  • Refillable design
  • Unique, slimmer profile (77mm X 26mm)

Applicator Puff

  • Hi-Cellbian puff
  • 3 options for various budget & timing needs
  • Customize ribbon (color and deco) to match brand
  • Anti-bacterial treatment option available

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