Capacity+ Cushion

Taiki’s unique solution with safe higher capacity engine


Key Benefits

  • Exclusive patent pending impregnation sponge : “T-engine”
  • Superior impregnation capacity
  • Higher formula release, easier restitution
  • Stable and reliable material
  • Tailor-made cushion puffs for perfect application
  • Possibility to source cushion compact case in Asia or Europe


New impregnation sponge

Taiki’s T-engine is unique thanks to its 100% polyester 3D structure,
which allows much more empty space and superior spring effect:

    • Capacity for standard size: 15 to 20 ml (versus 10ml in average)
    • Limited loose of formula (>80% of release, depending of formula)
    • Limited interactions with formula to keep all its properties (UV filters, preservatives)


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