Aquatic Masks

Release Active Ingredients Deeper into the Skin with Taiki Aquatic Masks

Get Better Results

Normally, 30-40% of moisturizer evaporates into the air with beauty masks. Get better results with aquatic mask technology, the most effective delivery system for the highest absorption rate.

Release Actives

Taiki Aquatic masks provide a one-way path for releasing active ingredients directly into the skin. The mask’s serum membrane adheres to the skin, creating a high occlusion effect. Product is then slowly and continuously transported into the skin where moisturizing ingredients can achieve high penetration.

Partner with the Experts

Taiki is the largest supplier of non woven masks in Asia, producing 120 million annually. Our aquatic masks and patches are natural looking gel sheets that come in various shapes and can be fully infused with custom serum. Made from biopolymer derived from seaweed carrageenan, TaikiUSA masks are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

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