Eco-Friendly Sponges

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Taiki sponges offer a wide range of eco-friendly options and can be made with up to 40% plant-based materials or bio-based  material.  Achieve the same performance as the original blending sponge but with an eco-friendly alternative.

Taiki Sponges Eco-Friendly
Cosmetic Sponges: a Guide

Cosmetic Sponges: a Guide

An innovative cosmetic sponge manufacturer, TaikiUSA has evolved with the category for over 90 years, becoming the largest global supplier of beauty sponges. We took a basic sponge and reinvented it as a superior application tool:

  • We offer a broad range of materials and price points
  • Consistent application for powder AND liquid makeup
  • Exclusive antimicrobial treatment for added protection
  • Patented Duo Sponge and Taiki Beauty Sponge

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