Animal Free

Join the Evolution With Safer, Healthier and Animal-free Makeup Brushes.

Not all fibers are created equal. While natural brushes made from animal hair have been touted as superior tools for the way they hold and distribute product, Taiki has researched and designed fibers that mimic and outperform natural hair, but are 100% animal free and cruelty free. Taiki manufacturers several animal-free fiber options, including Tafre, a patented high-performing alternative to animal-based fibers.

Assortment of makeup brushes with cruelty free fibers and vegan glue

Animal-Free Makeup Brushes

Pink travel eye makeup brush set
White handle skincare brush set
Taiki USA Animal Free Brushes
Taiki Animal Free Brush Trio
Blue foundation/base makeup brush travel set
Taiki Animal Free Brushes Bamboo
Taiki Animal Free Brushes Kabuki

Tafre Brush Fiber Options


Patented sorona® fiber that outperforms animal fibers

Tafre Plus

Tafre fiber with ionic silver antimicrobial protection

Benefits of Tafre Fiber

  • 100% animal-free, cruelty-free and vegan
  • Superior pickup and payoff for powder and liquid
  • Uses 28% annually-renewable plant-based material
  • Higher consistency, better quality and less breakage
  • Antimicrobial options for protection and safety

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