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Environmentally Friendly Beauty Choices for Socially Responsible Companies and Consumers

Sustainable Beauty Solutions

Clean Formulas & Ingredients

We strive to develop healthy and pure products and formulas, made with non-toxic ingredients. Taiki also offers renewable, sustainable and cruelty-free ingredient options.

Mindful Materials

Masks made from innovative and ethically-sourced materials like biocellulose,  sustainable non-woven as well as wipes made from biodegradable materials are great options for brands looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. Our cellfine sponges use 28% less petroleum-based ingredients, compared to regular cosmetic sponges.

Eco-Friendly Sheet Mask Packaging

Multi-mask packs use less packaging than single sachets. Choose from resealable cello bags or jars and bulk mask dispensers to reduce waste and meet the needs of eco-conscious consumers.

Animal-Free Brush Fibers

Taiki has manufactured several animal-free brush fiber options that are 100% animal-free and cruelty-free, that mimic and outperform the performance of natural hair alternatives. Tafre brush fiber uses 28% annually renewable, plant-based material with an antimicrobial option available for additional protection and safety.

Ethical Sourcing & Manufacturing

Our goal is to source products and materials through socially responsible partners, focusing on good manufacturing practices that meet and exceed environmental standards.

Design & Consulting

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About Our Manufacturing

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