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Frequently Asked Questions About Bōshi Beauty

When applied to wet skin, the nanofibers dissolve instantaneously, releasing the active ingredients to the skin.


There are several benefits to having a water-free formula.

  • Many actives will break down in water and lose efficacy; this problem is eliminated with a water-free formula.
  • Without water, preservatives will not necessarily be needed. The product is also more concentrated without all of the extra fillers.
  • The effect on sustainability — Not only are you not using water in the product, but the shipping costs are reduced, and the amount of packaging that is required may also be reduced. All of this helps to lower the carbon footprint for water-free products.

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For the Ready-for-Market products, the MOQ is 25K applications. For custom products, it is 100K.

Almost any active can be included at different stages in the product manufacturing process. Water-soluble actives can be added within the fiber, along with smaller non-water soluble particles.

In some cases requiring surfactants, Hydrophobic actives can be added within the fibers, but they can also be added into the product during a post-processing step.  Oils, surfactants and larger non-water soluble particles have been added

Actives can also be added into separate fiber layers, so the incompatible ingredients are kept part during the manufacturing until the application on the skin

Many polymers can be electrospun. For the cosmetic products we are developing, we are focusing on natural water soluble polymers, such as Pullulan, Dextran, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), or collagen.

Pullulan and Dextran are both polysaccharides, so they easily biodegrade. HA and collagen are also biodegradable.


We have used a variety of carriers, such as PET knits and non-woven substrates. Looking for a more sustainable and biodegradable option, we have also started using parchment paper as a carrier as well as biodegradable non-wovens.

Absolutely. Actives can be added into the drop, just as we have done with nano strips.

The main solvent we are using is water, so this has not been an issue.

The Ready-for-Market products have a shelf life of 3 years, (if individually packed) but stability will be dependent on actives and packaging.

Color can be added, but due to how light is scattered by the small fibers, only pastel or light colors are typically possible. Additionally, as the entire patch or pillow dissolves when placed on wet skin, any pigments in the fibers will end up on the skin as well.

The maximum loading of the HA depends of the fiber formulation. This can be up to just over 80% if a synthetic co-polymer is used and up to approximately 50% if a natural co-polymer is used.

Yes, the Drops can be fully biodegradable

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