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Nov 9, 2011

Taiki Δ PGA Mask

Triangle PGA Mask

Industry Trends Watch: Increasing Incorporation of Functionality

In the most recent issue of Beauty Packaging Magazine, there was a great article entitled “Keeping Up With Skin Care.” Of particular interest is the recognition of a trend toward increased functionality in skin care packaging. Enthusiastic consumer response has proven what the world’s best beauty brands have always known: great packaging makes all the difference.To successfully incorporate functionality into beauty packaging is the ultimate test. Not only must the packaging contain the product safely and attractively, the delivery mechanism must be designed in such a way as to enhance the product’s performance. A great example of this is L’Oréal’s Go 360 Clean Deep Cream Cleanser, which includes a “scrublet” device right in the packaging. The scrublet is designed to aid the cleanser in unclogging pores, removing dirt and washing away makeup. Moving outside of skin care to illustrate the concept further, Ben Gay’s Pain Relief and Massage Gel incorporates “massaging nubs” to aid in product application and active penetration.The trend toward incorporating increased functionality extends beyond liquid tube-style dispensers. Increased functionality leads to increased product efficacy, which creates greater customer satisfaction and subsequent brand loyalty. Every application tool and product delivery system must be examined to identify potential points of improvement. This concept, which aligns closely with TaikiUSA’s commitment to kaizen, the Japanese doctrine of continual improvement, led our research and development team to consider the products skin care mask.Here is a fundamental truth about skin care masks: Transfer of active ingredients through the dermis is entirely dependent upon the closeness and quality of the bond between the skin and the delivery mechanism. The closer the connection, the better the active transfer rate. The goal in developing the Δ PGA Mask was to create a mask that delivered a second-skin like fit. By harnessing the natural elastic properties of carrageen, in combination with a patented, innovative 3-D mesh structure, the Δ PGA Mask achieves the ultimate closeness – resulting in a 35% improvement in active penetration rate!The Δ PGA Mask’s unique surface structure means that more product is absorbed by the dermis. Better active product absorption leads to increased efficacy, delivering better results.We believe the trend toward increased functionality in packaging has a critical role in the wider trend toward consumers choosing to be more empowered and selective with their beauty needs, selecting those brands and products that best serve their individual needs. Today’s “massaging nubs” are an innovation in and of themselves, but it is not difficult to foresee the day when users can select nubs in the size and shape best suited for their particular ache and pain. The door to tomorrow is just starting to crack open: early innovations like the Δ PGA Mask will transform customer expectations by delivering markedly superior performance.It’s fascinating to watch this trend toward increased functionality emerge and develop. It has the power to completely transform our industry. Tell us what you think. What beauty applicators and product delivery systems are you seeing that incorporate increased functionality?

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