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Jul 19, 2019

Kaizen: The Beauty of Continuous Improvement

Every brand that we serve is looking for the best products and solutions for their customers. If a brand’s partners and suppliers are complacent in their product design, innovation and functionality, they can end up with inferior products and ultimately may lose customers, fall behind the competition or deliver an unsafe product.

At Taiki, we use the Japanese philosophy of continual improvement, also known as Kaizen, to influence all of our efforts.

Our ultimate goal is to find better ways to meet the needs of your brand and your customers. The more customers enjoy using your product, the more they’ll continue to use it and talk about it with friends and followers. From YouTube and Instagram to other social media platforms, influencers are sharing their favorite and least favorite products. It’s in your best interest to offer items that are safe for customers and provide the best application experience.

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is based on the idea that small and ongoing positive changes can reap major improvements. It’s a collaborative approach where all employees, from the CEO to assembly line workers, are committed to identifying opportunities for positive change throughout every aspect of the business, including processes and products.

How does Kaizen Improve the Application Experience?

Even the very best products will not perform as intended if the customer is not using the right beauty tools to apply it. The product might not transfer, might not absorb into the skin or might not look like it’s supposed to when applied. Bringing the concept of Kaizen to the world of beauty and skincare has resulted in many exciting innovations. Taiki is constantly looking at beauty tools and applicators, seeing where the shape, fibers, materials, etc. can be improved to work better with products and formulas – all for a better application experience.

Take facial sheet masks for example. The demand for sheet masks is continuing to grow at an exponential rate, turning it into a skincare staple for any brand. When we heard feedback that customers were having a hard time opening full-face sheet masks, we understood the potential consequences to the brand if customers were dissatisfied with their products. In the spirit of Kaizen, we identified an opportunity to improve our products and processes to create a better experience for the end customer. After reviewing many options, we developed and patented a Perfect Pull Open (PPO) Masks design that includes tabs and a unique folding pattern that makes them easier to open and apply.

And while natural brushes made from animal hair have been touted as superior tools for the way they hold and distribute product, they have posed been ethical, environmental and hygienic concerns. Through science and design, Taiki developed and patented Tafre fiber, a synthetic alternative that mimics and outperforms natural hair but is 100% animal free and cruelty free.

Kaizen as a Business Philosophy

With Kaizen, the changes made can be massive, like innovating and launching an entirely new product, or minor such as adjusting an existing design to improve its functionality. No matter how big or small the change is, these positive improvements over time not only fosters a culture of Kaizen within Taiki and empowers all employees to be on the lookout for ways to overcome obstacles and address challenges, but, most importantly, ensures high-quality products for brands and customers.

If you have a product or formula need, contact Taiki and see how we can help give your customers a better application experience.

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