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Jun 21, 2012

Solving the Preservative Problem, Part 2: EcoG+

PR for Preservatives? The article that was featured in the June issue of Happi Magazine addresses a critical issue in the cosmetic and beauty industry… how safe are products with preservatives? How effective are preservative systems?

As stated in the article, “preservatives play an important role in maintaining product integrity and ultimately, human health.” But many industry experts and press reports are constantly raising the issue of the negativity surrounding preservatives –particularly parabens.

In order to deal with the controversy, pressure is placed on suppliers to develop alternative methods to protect products. Creating quality products that perform well and are safe has been at the forefront of Taiki’s business philosophy for over 50 years. Taiki focuses on Kaizen, the philosophy of continual improvement, to better products and processes that will enhance the consumer experience.

The issue of product contamination is a critical problem for our customers and the consumer, therefore Taiki worked for years to find a solution. Taiki has developed revolutionary antimicrobial-active packaging that supports the creation of a preservative – EcoG+. This opens a new avenue for preservation of products relying on the package.

Brands can still have safe products that include fewer preservatives (or no preservatives at all) when the package is protected by EcoG+. The initial EcoG+ product launch is for mascara, but other products are being added to the product line up.

To see how effective EcoG+ is or how your product can become preservative free AND safe, check out the evidence.

Posted under: Antimicrobial | By Taiki Beauty

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