Skincare as it Relates to Wellness

Woman embracing the oceanBeing healthy both inside and out is one of the best feelings a person can have. Maintaining a positive relationship with your body and mind is so important; this has been a common trend across the beauty category for the past year. Your skin is a reflection of how well your body is feeling. Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep show up on your complexion. A daily skincare ritual combined with healthy lifestyle habits can benefits the entire body and keep skin glowing.

Healthy Alternatives

NPD reported that over 22% consumers have changed their skincare regime to include new products, new formulas and new technologies. Consumers are leaning towards using products that are safer and eliminating products that are harmful – yet they still want effectiveness. Many brands are introducing products that are free of toxins and harsh chemicals and replacing with more natural and healthy substitutes.

While the search for healthier alternatives is top of mind, effective skincare is still a priority. Consumers are spending more time researching products and reviews to get new ideas that will improve their skin and overall wellness.

Are Pre/pro/postbiotics Good for Your Skin?

Probiotics are known as friendly bacteria that makes sure your gut stays healthy, balanced and toxin-free. Now pre/pro/postbiotics are being used in skincare products to promote healthy skin biome by influencing the types of bacteria that live on the skin.

“Probiotics in skincare optimize the healing benefits of our skin’s good bugs,” says Dr. Whitney Bowe, NYC-based dermatologist and author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin. “This includes acting as a protective shield against bad bacteria, dialing down inflammation, preventing premature aging in skin, among other things,” explains the dermatologist.

TaikiUSA develops products and solutions that align with current trends. The Postbiotic Facial Sheet mask is part of the Advanced Skincare line-up. It is formulated to energize tired skin, brighten, balance and protect the skin for a radiant complexion. This innovative probiotic formula contains “good bacteria” isolated from the spoil beneath Swiss Glacier – offering unique and pure concept.

The Klotholine Protein Wellness Mask is another way to take care of your skin and well-being. Klotho protein, aka “the hormone of youth” helps to stimulate skin cell longevity and reduce the sings of aging.

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