Klotholine Protein Wellness Mask

Promote overall wellbeing and reduce signs of aging with Taiki’s Klotholine Protein Wellness Mask

When the Klotho-Protein aka the “hormone of youth” is activated, it stimulates skin cell longevity. This preserves the skin’s aging process, maintains skin firmness and evens skin tone.

Klotholine Eucalyptus

Made from compostable non-woven material and derived from the Eucalyptus plant that provides a robust barrier to improve the delivery of active ingredients.

Key Ingredients

Centaurea cyanus flower extract

Centaurea cyanus flower extract: enhances the appearance of dry and damaged skin by reducing flaking and tightening the skin

Polyglutamic Acid (PGA)

Polyglutamic Acid (PGA): helps seal the moisture in the skin and enhance elasticity

Zanthoxylum Piperitum (Japanese Pepper) Fruit Extract

Zanthoxylum Piperitum (Japanese Pepper) Fruit Extract: prevents skin from damage caused by free radicals

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