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Jul 2, 2012

In A World of Multi-Taskers, Taiki Offers Convenience

Lately there have been many reports on the growing trend of multi-tasking beauty products. The NDP Group reported that 86% of women say they use make-up with skincare benefits.

Within each make-up category, women are seeking additional benefits and value from their make-up if they can get more results from one product. NDP reports:“‘Evens out skin tone’ is ranked as the most important benefit in a foundation, with over three-fourths (76%) of foundation users today rating this as an important benefit.

The most important benefits for a lipstick to have in 2012 is long wearing (74%) and moisturizing (68%), ranking 1st and 2nd as most important, with significantly higher mentions than any other benefit evaluated.”

Following trends and activity in the marketplace, as well as understanding consumer needs, helps to develop innovative packaging solutions. At Taiki, we strive to enhance the consumer experience with solutions that specialize in the art & science of skincare & make-up application.

Taiki’s Beauty Packages are designed to provide a flawless performance in a convenient package. To improve on these designs (following the philosophy of Kaizen), Taiki created double-ended liquid dispensing components that can serve multiple needs. These unique designs are a perfect solution for offering two products in one package – giving the consumer what they need.Let Taiki create a multi-tasking beauty package for you.

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