Didn’t Make it to MakeUp in LA This Year? Here’s What You Missed…

As a member of such an innovative and research-driven company, I always find it important to go to trade shows like MakeUp in LA (MULA) so that we can explore and share the latest needs and requests of today’s beauty consumer. But, I know that sometimes it’s not always possible to make it to every single industry event.

For those who weren’t able to join us at MULA, here’s what you missed…

Inspiring Ethical Advances in the Beauty Industry

I’m an avid skincare and cosmetic customer myself, so it was great to see first-hand how customer needs and demands drive cosmetic companies. After all, consumers will settle for nothing short of the latest and greatest.

It’s apparent that in recent years, beauty and skincare consumers from both China and the USA care deeply about a brand’s ethical claims and practices – this is something to which I can personally relate. According to many of the breakout sessions, presentations and speakers at the 2018 MakeUp in LA trade show, there was a notably strong emphasis on ethical ingredients, practices and personas in regards to beauty brands in today’s market.

Brands that claim to be cruelty-free (that protect the rights and treatment of animals AND human beings), as well as those that use ethically conscious ingredients in their products and packaging are in the spotlight.

It’s all about transparency, and today’s beauty consumer is paying attention.

Demands for Partner Transparency

Transparency isn’t just something consumers want, cosmetic companies need transparency and integrity from their partners and suppliers too. It’s the only option.This begins with R&D and extends all the way through manufacturing. At Taiki USA, we have developed products that help brands introduce ethical practices – like those discussed at MULA – to their consumers.

We’ve been front-and-center with innovations like our animal-free makeup brushes, which don’t require the use of animal hair but still maintain amazing application with Tafre+ and Tafre-g technology. To protect all-natural products, our brands like Eco-G liquid and powder dispensers help partners maintain their promises to their ethically conscious customers.

Are you prepared to meet the demands of today’s customer? Talk to Taiki USA to learn more about animal-free solutions.