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Nov 15, 2011

Cosmetics Innovation Spotlight: The Taiki Duo Sponge

The Taiki Duo  SpongeThis month our Cosmetics Innovation Spotlight shines on the Taiki Duo Sponge. Designed to solve the persistent problems that plague liquid makeup application, the Taiki Duo Sponge is a laminate of two high quality sponges. It delivers a smooth, even layer of makeup base with a luxurious feel while minimizing product waste and mess.What lies behind the decision to use two layers of sponge? Our research and development team looked at the common complaints associated with traditional makeup application sponges. These included wasted product and inconsistent application.

TaikiUSA: A Tradition of Innovation

Innovation is the art of improving an existing product to ensure better performance. The Japanese call this concept Kaizen and it is a driving force in everything we do at TaikiUSA. Eliminating the problems associated with traditional makeup sponges required our team to identify and address the underlying issue: excessive product absorption. Because traditional makeup sponges were absorbing too much product, it was difficult for users to control application evenly. Excessive absorption leads directly to a messy user experience, resulting in product waste.Our President and CEO, Jim Perry, explained further in Beauty Packaging magazine. Here is what he had to say, “Taiki developed a solution that includes our exclusive TTP sponge, thinly sliced and laminated to an NBR core. This allows the product to remain on the surface of the sponge as well as maintain a luxurious feel.”

The Role of Artistic Engineering

As we all know, in the beauty world, it’s not enough for an applicator to perform well. These systems must be attractive as well to satisfy and surpass customer expectations. The TaikiUSA Duo Sponge is aesthetically pleasing, and is fully customizable to integrate into existing or evolving beauty packaging.If you’re interested in the latest innovations in the cosmetics packaging world, contact us. Free samples are available for evaluation by qualified beauty professionals. We’d love to hear what you think! Contact us today.

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