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May 2, 2012

Cosmetics Industry Watch: The Steady Growth of Premium Cosmetics Places a New Emphasis on the Application Experience

Examining the beauty industry from a global perspective reveals the emergence of four strong, clearly-identifiable trends. That’s according to Euromonitor, a leading consumer research firm, quoted extensively in this Cosmetics Design article. The four trends include the exploration of new retail channels, capitalizing on high tech claims, a heightened awareness of emerging global trends, and most importantly for the purposes of our discussion, the growth of the premium cosmetics sector, especially relative to mass market cosmetics. Premium cosmetics are outperforming mass market alternatives in Western Europe, North America and the Asian Pacific region.What does this mean for the world’s best beauty brands? A new emphasis has been placed on the application experience. That much is certain. Customers who are selecting premium cosmetics are looking for enhanced product performance as well as a luxurious, enjoyable application process. Beauty packaging must look good, perform well and be satisfying to use.TaikiUSA: Beauty is in the ScienceOur experience as a global provider of beauty packaging and application tools leads us to believe that Euromonitor is on track with their assessments. It was the overwhelming popularity of the spa-like luxury feel offered by masks and patches in Asian markets that led Taiki to highlight the value of these items in the US. Taiki is a leader in the production of Masks and Patches in Asia – promoting the benefits of this category in the US was a natural fit for skincare products. Our exclusive second-skin fit enables better active ingredient penetration, which means your formulas work better while your customer enjoys a superior experience.As premium cosmetics play an increasingly important role in the beauty industry, more and more will be demanded from beauty packaging. Taiki’s commitment to kaizen; the tradition of continuous improvement, has put us on the forefront of these emerging trends. See what happens when beauty is in the science. Request your evaluation sample of Taiki Masks and Patches today.

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