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Jan 27, 2012

Cosmetics Industry Watch: The Role of Beauty Packaging in the Age of the Informed Consumer

It’s not what you know that matters. It’s what your friends know, and their friends know, and the friends of their friends – these are the opinions that count today, more than anything.

A recent report from Total Beauty Media Group is shining the spotlight on the importance of peer reviews, according to this article in GCI. Women are spending more time researching beauty products before they buy.Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are hugely influential. Editorial reviews and consumer ratings are extremely popular to these consumers: they spend up to 50% more time researching products on web pages where this type of information is featured – looking for the “best” ratings.

Taiki Innovation: Enhancing the Consumer Application Experience

What does it take to get a “best” review? The application experience plays a huge role in the equation. A product cannot work well, nor deliver top results, if it is difficult or unpleasant to apply. Having the right cosmetics delivery system in place is how the world’s best beauty brands differentiate themselves from their competitors. TaikiUSA is committed to enhancing the consumer application experience. We are guided by our commitment to Kaizen, the Japanese doctrine of continual improvement. For this reason, our team has developed several innovative application tools:

Using the best application tools allows your consumer to realize maximum benefit and enjoyment from your products. All Taiki beauty packaging solutions are custom designed to best suit your formulation which ultimately creates a better experience for the consumer. This leads directly to increased numbers of ‘best’ reviews online and in social media platforms, driving your sales up.In a crowded, complex marketplace, capturing and capitalizing on customer attention is essential. Give your customer something to talk about: Choose the best beauty packaging solutions and superior application tools! You’ll attract the informed consumer, the largest and most profitable portion of today’s cosmetic marketplace.

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