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Jan 24, 2012

Cosmetics Industry Watch: Innovate for Beauty’s Sake

It is with great interest that we read Innovate for Beauty’s Sake, a recent article in Beauty Packaging Magazine. Taiki USA’s ongoing commitment to Kaizen, the Japanese doctrine of continual improvement, means that innovation is central to what we do. It is through the process of intensely researching consumer needs, embracing the power of artistic engineering, and collaborating closely with the world’s best beauty brands that we provide truly revolutionized beauty packaging improvements.What truly defines beauty packaging innovation? To begin answering that question, we must begin by looking at the complex and dynamic field of consumer expectations. We know that there is a deep and abiding hunger for novelty in our marketplace: the consumer is continually searching for a new experience.

TaikiUSA: Enhancing the Application Experience for the Consumer

Spatula Liquid DispenserIt’s not enough to be new. To be truly innovative, a beauty packaging solution must be demonstrably better than its predecessor. Jamie Matusow, Beauty Packaging Magazine’s editor, points out the need for the industry to continue to “focus on real applications, new gestures and changing the way consumers use beauty products, and not just develop packaging for a new look alone.”In other words, it is only by providing improvements to the process of make-up application – ones that allow the consumer to use products with more ease, efficacy, and enjoyment – that an advancement in beauty packaging earns the right to be called innovative. Groundbreaking products fill a need in the marketplace by identifying and resolving points of tension that keep consumers from being ultimately satisfied with their beauty products.To see an example of this­, consider the application challenges inherent in many cream and gel products. Existing delivery mechanisms can be difficult to use, resulting in an unattractive and uneven application. TaikiUSA embraces innovation as a route to enhance the application process for the customer. For this reason, we developed the Taiki Spatula applicator. This unique, flexible smooth glide tip provides a superior application experience. It is easy and intuitive for the consumer to use. Effortlessly neat and even coverage: that’s beauty packaging innovation!The Taiki Spatula is available in two sizes and can be customized to fit tubes or pens. The Small Spatula is idea for pinpoint application – great for eye and lip treatments. Choose the Large Spatula for broad stroke application. It’s an amazing delivery mechanism for spa and skin treatments.

Beauty Packaging Innovation Builds Strong Beauty Brands

Matusow quotes Henry Renella, Estee Lauder senior VP for Global Package Development, in the article. He is speaking here about the relationship between beauty packaging innovation and successful brand development. “It’s important to understand what makes a loyal consumer tick and create the perfect package that is in line with the DNA of the brand and the consumer.”Surpassing consumer expectations while simultaneously creating excitement and enthusiasm is no small challenge. The best, most original packaging solutions clearly communicate the essentials of brand identity while delivering results. That’s why all of Taiki’s packaging is custom designed – providing the answers for application challenges.

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