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From innovative waterless beauty to high-performing applicators to custom skincare formulations, your next beauty solution starts here.

  • Undereye Microneedle Patches

    Undereye Microneedle Patches

    Smooths out visible signs of aging and increases moisture retention while soothing the delicate skin under the eye and protecting it from irritation.

  • Acne Microneedle Patches

    Acne Microneedle Patches

    Micro needle patches are water-soluble chips with pyramid-shaped protrusions that are activated from the moisture on the skin and slowly dissolve to treat blemishes.

  • Acne Plaster Patch

    Acne Plaster Patches

    These patches provide a barrier layer that prevents evaporation of ingredients and provides better efficacy.

  • Acne Colloidal Patches

    Acne Colloidal Patches

    These adhesive patches are made of hydrocolloid, a fluid-absorbing agent that is known to draw out pus and other impurities on the skin’s surface.

  • Taiki Pore Strips

    Pore Strips

    Full-contact adhesive pore strips apply key ingredients to the skin to help draw out impurities and detoxify the skin.

  • Neck Patches

    Neck Patches

    Formulas that target wrinkles and fine lines on the neck.

  • Taiki Under Eye Patches

    Under Eye Patches

    Formulas that target dark circles or puffiness under the eyes.

  • Taiki Lip Patches

    Lip Patches

    Unique shapes to handle more contoured sections of the face or body, like the lips.

  • Taiki Cheek Patches

    Cheek Patches

    Formulas that targets dryness or oily skin on the cheeks

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