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  • Cellfine Sponges

    Cellfine Sponges

    Cellfine is an exclusive, patented Taiki formula and manufacturing process for cosmetic sponges. Cellfine uses 28% less petroleum-based ingredients than regular cosmetic sponges and has a fine mesh, which contributes to its soft texture for smooth, consistent application.

  • Cellbian Sponges

    Cellbian Sponges

    Taiki produces Cellbian sponges, a luxurious cosmetic sponge material that offers the tightest pore option for flawless application. Cellbian sponges are great for all types of products and perform well with SPF formulas.

  • 3D Sponges

    3D Sponges

    Our unique buffing capabilities allow us to create sponges that take on three-dimensional shapes, ideal for hard-to-access locations. 3D sponges are multi-purpose tools that are washable, and have an antimicrobial treatment for even more protection against bacteria.

  • Celltex Sponges

    Celltex Sponges

    Taiki produces Celltex, the industry standard sponge made from Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR). This cost-effective cosmetic sponge material offers improved pore control and is ideal for 3D-shaped sponges that can be used wet or dry.

  • Duo Sponges

    Duo Sponges

    Unlike traditional cosmetic sponges that absorb product and breed bacteria, the Taiki Duo Sponge resists absorption and applies smoothly time after time. The Duo Sponge is a Cellbian sponge thinly sliced and laminated to a Celltex sponge core.

  • Taiki Beauty Sponge

    Taiki Beauty Sponge

    Using an exclusive manufacturing foaming process, Taiki Beauty Sponges feature a smaller, more controlled pore size that creates a soft feel and more consistency for smoother application.

  • Flocked Sponges

    Flocked Sponges

    Taiki flocked sponges feature angel hair flocking for soft application on one side and a cosmetic sponge for smooth application on the other. The Flocked Sponge from Taiki can be designed in various shapes and sizes and offers users a multi-purpose application tool for powder and liquid products.

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