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Aug 21, 2012

Application Matters Most

The first moment of truth is when a consumer makes a purchase. The second comes when the consumer uses the product, i.e. the application. This experience determines if results are achieved and whether or not repeat purchases are made.

Providing flawless application has a lot to do with the product, but the overall application of the product is what matters most. Consumers need the product to perform and see results, but they also need the package to function in a manner that makes the application experience flawless.

Understanding customer needs or, more importantly, providing them with solutions they don’t know they need yet is critical to delivering innovations. At Taiki our focus is on being the most educated application experts in the industry.

It is this application methodology that leads us to develop industry innovations that will enhance the consumer experience.

  • EcoG+ – a revolutionary package that serves as the preservative system to protect products
  • Tafre – an animal free fibre that performs better than natural hair for superior powder brush delivery
  • Aquatic Mask – a new mask technology that releases active ingredients into the skin’s surface

With a strong focus on Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continual improvement, Taiki is never finished with a project. We strive to research different application methods and unique solutions that help to achieve the most out of that second moment of truth.

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