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Beauty is in the Science, the Design & the Application

Nov 12
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In order to stay at the forefront of the ever–changing cosmetic and skincare industry, it is critical to have a deep understanding of the consumer as well as the industry. This knowledge combined with experience, creativity and innovation allows us to help solve application challenges.

As reported in Cosmetic Design USA, global packaging sales are forecasted to hit $133B by 2017. To keep up with trends and growth patterns, Taiki stays focused on three key initiatives: Science, Design & Application.

Beauty is in the Science
Discovering insights to better support our customers is the key to solving application challenges. Over 50 years with a strong focus on research and development has enabled us to create innovative solutions with proven results.

Consumers place a high priority on product safety and hygiene which led to the development of Taiki’s patented EcoG+. EcoG+ is an antimicrobial resin that allows for package protection without the use of harmful preservatives.

Beauty is in the Design
Creating products that are intuitively designed allow for a more precise application. The aesthetics of a product help to enhance the overall application. Our job is to design a product that ultimately provides a flawless application.

Taiki’s liquid dispensers are fully customizable and created to offer the best delivery system and application experience.

Beauty is in the Application
Using our knowledge and philosophy of kaizen (continual improvement), as well as our experience in science & design, allows us to create application methods that provide a better experience for the consumer. Enhancing performance and increasing functionality creates a positive 2nd moment of truth – a flawless application experience.

Taiki’s make-up brushes are artistically engineered – using the best style, structure, and material to offer superior performance.

Taiki is heavily engaged in all aspects of science, design and application. These three elements are the foundation of our business that allows us to better create, improve and innovate products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

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