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Adding Value: Innovative Beauty Packaging

Jun 13

“Packaging is one of the essential factors which cosmetic companies must take into account when trying to capture attention in crowded marketplaces.” This is reported on USA, in the article Global Cosmetic Packaging Market is Expected to Reach $24B in 2012.

Stores are more congested than ever as new and existing personal care products are trying to make an impact on the consumer. The goal is to make a positive first impression; only that will increase repeat purchases.

As reported in the article, consumers are looking for added value; therefore, brands are looking for integrated applicators & innovative techniques to package products.

As a global, premier packaging supplier, it is Taiki’s mission to enhance the consumer experience by creating products & solutions that motivate the consumer. By focusing on Kaizen, continual improvement, Taiki looks to enhance products and technology that best support cosmetic and personal care brands.

As the market grows, it is important to monitor trends and stay ahead of the curve.

Taiki continually makes improvements to product categories to enhance the application experience with innovative packaging:

Liquid Dispensers – new, unique tips

Taiki Tafre Fibre – 100% animal free & sustainable make up brush

EcoG+ – antimicrobial resin that allows for preservative free packaging

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