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Apr 5, 2019

Why All Brands Should Care About the Science Behind Their Products

Beauty and cosmetic brands are in the business of building customer loyalty. However, loyalty cannot be accomplished simply through packaging, store placement, advertising or influencer marketing.

Yes, it’s critical to generate enough interest in your product to attract new customers and encourage them to make a purchase, but that’s not where customer engagement with your product ends. After they get home and use the product for the first time, if it does not meet their expectations then they will not continue to use it and they certainly will not buy it again.

For the best chance at creating the ideal experiences and outcomes for your customers, brands must concern themselves with the science behind their products. This doesn’t just mean how the product will interact with a customer’s skin, but also how it works with the applicator or brush, how it interacts with the packaging and other details that take product to the next level.

Avoiding Poor Products and Scandals

Retail stores like Justice and most recently Claire’s have recalled makeup after asbestos was found in several products. The FDA currently does not have laws requiring cosmetics to be reviewed before being sold; both the responsibility (and the blame, if something like this is uncovered) falls squarely on the brand. Even if a product looks good and the price is right, if there’s no science or proper testing behind it then it’s likely not going to be good or healthy for the customer.

Your brand and your manufacturing and supplier partners MUST commit to putting significant time and technology behind your products’ development. Having years of industry experience will help ensure that best practices are met so that the product not only performs optimally, but it also provides the customer with a good and safe experience.

At TaikiUSA, the Beauty is in the Science

Behind all of our products at Taiki, there is a significant amount of technical research and development processes. Here are just some examples.

We have used material science to develop a synthetic, animal-free Tafre fiber. This fiber yields a more hygienic makeup brush that also performs better than natural hair alternatives made from goat or squirrel hair. Not only does this meet customer demands for ethical beauty tools, but it functions beautifully for flawless application.

Our antimicrobial treatments of brushes, applicators and sponges helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria to the skin, creating a more positive experience. This is a significant advancement for brands looking to create products with more natural ingredients and fewer preservatives, as they can remain protected by treating the applicators with ionic silver.

Facial sheet masks match up formulas that deliver tangible benefits with the materials that provide the ideal delivery system by minimizing evaporation and encouraging absorption.

Cushion compact sponges are made with a luxurious Cellbian sponge material that has tighter pores for a smoother application. They are scientifically designed to hold product and apply it to the skin with minimal absorption into the puff itself so there’s not as much product waste.

If you’re looking to increase brand and product loyalty, evaluating the science behind your products could yield significant results. By using proven scientific processes to improve your beauty or skincare products, you’re more likely to satisfy your customers after not just the first application, but every application after that.

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