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Mar 9, 2017

What Do Consumers Want From Their False Eyelashes?

false lash manufacturer TaikiBig, bold eyes continue to be a trend in the cosmetic world as consumers search beauty magazines and social media for tips and tricks on how to make eyes look larger and really pop. Below we’ll explore 3 top consumer demands when it comes to false eyelashes.

Consumers want options and variety

Consumers are changing how they think about fake eyelashes; instead of a product only worn on special occasions or to formal events, fake lashes (or falsies) now are used daily right alongside mascara and shadow.

Because consumers are using fake lashes more often, lash variety has become much more important as consumers look to distinguish between every-day and formal products and looks. Consumers are considering different styles, colors, sizes, fibers and more to create unique looks for different occasions. It’s no longer one-size-fits-all.

Consumers are buying more animal-free products

Similar to the makeup brush movement, the beauty industry has changed from natural lashes toward animal-free alternatives. This is a direct response to consumers increasing their purchases of vegan and/or cruelty-free products.

Still, consumers don’t want to sacrifice quality – they want lashes that are lightweight, flexible and look natural but also make them feel good and responsible about their purchase.

Consumers want a clean and easy application

Securing false eyelashes with a separate adhesive is a thing of the past – consumers want an easier way to apply eyelashes without the mess of using glue.

There’s an easy way to deliver on this demand – provide lashes that utilize 100% adhesive strips with no thread core. This type of pre-glued technology makes lashes more pliable and easy to apply without having a messy 2-step application. It’s important to be sure that the adhesive is waterproof so that eyelashes stay in place throughout the day.

With different style options, 100% animal-free production and hassle-free applications, there are many options available if you join the eyelash craze to meet consumer demands.

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