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Jan 17, 2014

Wet Wipes Growing in Functionality and Popularity

Wipes are quickly growing into their own beauty category. As reported in the November article Wipe On, Wipe Off in GCI Magazine, ease, portability, convenience and versatility have helped wipes grow into a thriving segment.

As the popularity of wipes continues to grow, so do their uses—from tanning wipes to sunscreen, anti-aging to anti-acne. Regardless of the audience, wipes have quickly increased in demand across the board. Wipes are becoming an integral part of skincare regimes. Brands are developing wipes as a line extension to an existing product portfolio.

The non-woven cloth and the functioning formula (bulk) are “married in the same package therefore establishing compatibility and stability of these components,” according to the GCI article. Within those components there are many variables to be considered: the type of non-woven (weight, material), the ingredients in the formula, preservatives, and of course the package itself.

The effectiveness of the delivery system heavily relies on the proper moisture content in each wipe. Wipes that are dry or overly saturated do not perform well, therefore creating a poor customer experience. Packages with weak seals or unstable fitments will often cause the wipes to dry out. The entire engineering process of the wipe package needs to be carefully crafted to provide a positive customer experience.

Taiki provides various packaging styles that are designed to protect the product and ensure freshness. For all of these styles, multiple aluminum film layers are used to offer better barrier protection and avoid evaporation.Taiki’s exclusive, patented D-Cap fitment is an air-tight system that allows up to a 100 sheet count. It offers superior product protection and extends the effectiveness and life of your product.Engineering the perfect, most effective beauty wipes requires a lot of consideration, but having the best package solution can make all the difference. See how Taiki can help you create the best beauty wipe.

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