A New Wave of Waterless: Water-Activated Powder Beauty Solutions

Beauty consumers are becoming more eco-conscious — they are seeking solutions to minimize water waste and go chemical-free. Let us help your brand meet the needs of the conscious consumer and join the wave of waterless beauty.

Waterless Cosmetics Rising in Demand

According to The Business Research Company as shown on ReportLinker in the “Waterless Cosmetics Global Market Report 2022”, the waterless cosmetics market is expected to grow to $13.03 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 11.9%. This indicates a  rise in demand for chemical-free cosmetics and eco-friendly products.

In the report, waterless cosmetics refer to beauty products that are free from water, using soothing botanical ingredients that help with the application, hydration, texture, and dissolving of water-soluble actives (like vitamin C) so they work better on the skin.

Promote a Water-Conscious Future

As noted in a recent article, What You Really Need To Know About “Waterless” Beauty” by Bustle.com, the beauty industry produces 102 billion units of cosmetic packaging globally and has been brainstorming innovative ways to become more eco-friendly. This is where waterless beauty comes in. This trend, born out of South Korea in 2015, is a way to reduce water consumption and carbon footprint. Waterless products often weigh less, making them easier to ship globally in smaller and lighter packaging. 

Understanding the significance of caring for our earth’s finite resources, TaikiUSA offers science-backed, water-activated powder solutions. Our water-activated powder beauty solutions are formulated with clean and natural botanicals without water, reducing the need for preservatives and fillers. This makes them a concentrated, efficacious, and safe alternative to traditional beauty products.

Stand for Sustainability with Less Packaging

Most conventional formulations can contain up to 70% water – subsidizing unwarranted water consumption.

Allow your brand to diminish the need for unnecessary preservatives and filler ingredients; cutting down on product weight and packaging, which in turn reduces the environmental footprint. Lightweight and condensed, waterless beauty products are easily stored and are travel-ready.

Personalized Consumer Experience

You can put your consumer in control of the texture and concentration by adjusting the amount of water added. For instance, you can use a powder cleanser as a gentle face wash or add less water to achieve a polishing exfoliator. 

Featured Water-Activated Powder Products

Formulated with botanical and 100% natural origin ingredients, preservative & fragrance-free. All products meet Sephora’s Clean Standard.

Water-Activated Facial Powder Cleanser A gentle exfoliating cleanser that washes away dirt, physically polishes dull skin, lightly-chemically exfoliates, and soothes skin to reveal a healthy glow. Choose between a foaming cleanser or an exfoliating scrub by controlling the amount of water added.

Powder to lather facial cleanser

Water-Activated Revitalizing Powder Shampoo A sustainable alternative to liquid shampoo without the use of sulfates, paraben, silicones, synthetic color, and artificial fragrance. Taiki’s powder-to-lather shampoo creates a velvety lather, is color-safe, and gently cleanses leaving hair soft and full of body without over-drying.

shampoo powder

Water-Activated Anti-Frizz Powder Conditioner Sustainable alternative to everyday liquid conditioner without the use of sulfates, paraben, silicones, synthetic color, and artificial fragrance. Taiki’s powder-to-cream conditioner transforms into a silky texture to seal in hydration and prevent fly-a-ways.  Formulated with botanical ingredients to fortify, condition and smooth hair follicles.

Taiki Water-Activated Anti-Frizz Powder Conditioner

Taiki is a true partner that offers full-service support to help you create your next successful waterless beauty project.

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