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Mar 29, 2013

Wall Street Journal Takes Note of Beauty Application Innovations

When you are looking for makeup application tips, the Wall Street Journal isn’t the source that immediately comes to mind. But in an article earlier this month the WSJ recognized the development of unique applicators and cosmetics packaging design that have had a big impact on the beauty industry.

To find out what innovations are making it easier for consumers to apply product, Wall Street Journal reporter Elizabeth Holmes interviewed several industry experts, including TaikiUSA’s Jim Perry, for the article Makeup to Women: Apply Yourself.“

Any woman that has used makeup knows that just as important as what is in the bottle is the packaging and applicator that comes with it,” Holmes stated in an accompanying report on WSJ Live. “If you can’t get it on your face,” she continued, “what is the point?”

Taiki’s Jim Perry agrees. “If it doesn’t go on well, it doesn’t matter how fabulous that product is. You are not going to keep using it,” he stated in the article. Beauty companies are seeing the need for specialized applicators and are responding with custom designs.

For instance, the extraordinary popularity of BB creams has led to the need for a cosmetics sponge that enhances the application experience. Taiki’s Duo Sponge has a thin layer of cellfine laminated to a NBR sponge. This allows the user to apply a layer of makeup that is much thinner and smoother than could be achieved with a traditional sponge or fingers.

The article addresses mascara clumps, which are a primary makeup frustration for many women. To combat this, wands are being manufactured out of rubber with bristles that are very closely spaced. This keeps clumps from forming on the brush. If there are no clumps on the brush, they cannot be transferred to lashes.

Sometimes a redesign of an existing applicator is all that is needed. By increasing the number of bristles in a nail polish brush from 250 to 800, application of polish becomes much faster and easier. The bristles hold more polish, and the added curve in the design follows the contours of a nail bed. This leads to more polish on the nail and less on cuticles.

Although it remains to be seen what effect innovations in applicators will have on beauty company stocks, the effects on beauty product use are clear. Consumers are seeking out revolutionary products and the tools to apply them. Taiki’s custom cosmetics packaging and applicators can help you deliver the innovation your customers expect.

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