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Jan 23, 2019

Trend Alert: Substance AND Style

Lady Gaga. Bella Hadid. Diane Kruger. All of these women have posted what’s known as a “sheet-mask selfie” to their millions of fans on Instagram to see, double tap and imitate.

While face masks used to be purely functional, offering tangible and scientific performance benefits for skincare serums, they are now becoming as beautiful as they are useful. This trend extends across other cosmetic products like decorative makeup brushes that feature different colors, glitters, sheens, designs and more.

However, as brands look towards creating these fun and fashionable products, it’s critical that they don’t prioritize style over substance. If your cosmetic or skincare products don’t function as intended, it can harm the customer’s opinion of your brand. No matter how beautiful a product is, customers will move on if it can’t deliver on its promises.

Fashionable & Fun Facial Sheet Masks

Who doesn’t want to adorn themselves in gold? Decorative masks match any mood and evoke feelings of decadence, flirtation and self-love.

Hot-Stamped Non-Woven Masks

Whenever you’re adding a printed graphic to a mask it must be with a globally compliant ink and/or two-section burstable sachets with proven 12-week stability tests.

Printed Non-Woven Sheet Masks

Patterns and decorations for sheet masks are not just limited to non-woven materials. It’s possible to add colorant to the base of next-gen hydrogel masks. Smaller particles create a shimmer while larger particles are used for a glitter affect.

Shimmer Sheet Masks

Another way to customize hydrogel masks is by printing a design on an inner layer of mesh. This way you can achieve different looks and patterns similar to a printed non-woven mask, but with the higher efficiency, increased adhesion and higher occlusion hydrogel mask technology provides. As with non-woven printed masks, it’s critical that these masks are created using globally-compliant inks with proven 12-week stability tests.

lacy facial mask

Next-Gen Hydrogel Lace Masks

Makeup Brushes with Decorative Handles

Customers who want decorative makeup brushes are looking to make a statement. Their sense of style is important to them and they want to show it off in both the makeup they wear and in the beauty tools they use. A cosmetic brush should be a work of art; a stunning look can be created with a variety of handle materials, colors and sheens. Appearance, however should not come at the sacrifice of quality. A beautiful brush that’s made with low-quality fibers can yield ugly results for the customer. A brush head’s shape and fibers make a huge difference when it comes to improving the application experience. If a customer’s using an inferior brush with your cosmetic products, it may be your brand that takes the blame for the brush’s poor performance.

Want to learn more about makeup brush materials? View the infographic.

Handles can be made from a variety of materials and can be customized with various finishes and unique aesthetics and tell a cohesive trend or identity story to customers.

Cosmetic brushes can also be customized for seasonal promotions, fashion trends or brand colors to stand apart from the competition, all without sacrificing brush performance. A beautiful brush that applies makeup smoothly and seamlessly will elevate your brand and improve the application experience.

Decorative Skincare and Beauty Tools

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a smaller, independent company or a major global brand, you understand the value that a high-quality and high-performing product can bring to a customer. That’s precisely why your fun and fashionable products must be just as efficacious as your other products. If you’re looking to break or expand into the market of decorative skincare and cosmetic products, it should not come at the cost of your brand’s reputation or the trust you have worked so hard to build with your customers.

TaikiUSA has the technical expertise to design and deliver high-quality sheet masks, makeup brushes and other beauty tools that don’t just look beautiful, but perform optimally. We’re not only the application experts, but have the design and manufacturing capabilities to help you create both innovative products and loyal customers.

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